About Career Corner

Career Corner is an innovative online job portal serving recruiters, employers and job seekers in all sectors. The online platform offers a focused, user-friendly connection point for job seekers, recruiters and employers where jobs are advertised and job seekers can apply online. 

At the heart of our success and our future is innovation.  We are changing the way people think about online recruiting, and we're helping them actively improve their recruitment with new technology, tools and practices. 

Our services to job seekers is a free online CV which is used to apply for jobs online.  This CV can be upgraded to a priority CV at any time for 90 days and this CV is displayed above the normal CVs to highlight the job seeker to recruiters. 

Career Corner offer a free trial for recruiters/employers at no cost where they get 5 job listing free. This include access to the full system including the job screening questionnaires and private messaging.  The job screening questionaires with scoring assist recruiters to find the best job seeker and the job seeker can be contacted directly on the system through the private messaging system. No need to go to your email and send an email to the job seeker for further information or to setup an interview.

Our Services

Recruiters/employers sign up today for your free trial and start listing jobs to find your ideal job seeker.  We offer monthly accounts which is payable at month end.

Charities, emergency services and schools will receive free advertising for all their jobs listed. Email us here in order to sign up.

As part of our community initiative we will be donating 5% of our income to selected charities.